What is the Difference Between Mediation and Collaborative Divorce?

There are a few differences between mediation and collaborative divorce. Though they have the same goal and come to the same conclusion, there are a few differences to note. Mediation is a process in which a couple hires one neutral legal professional to act as a mediator. The mediator’s goal is to facilitate a constructive negotiation where a couple will come to terms on all outstanding, contested issues. At the end, they will draft a settlement or separation agreement. Collaboration is a bit different. Each party will hire their own attorney who are obligated to see the process through. In addition to the engaged attorneys, the couple may wish to employ the assistance of a team of experts, including a divorce coach, financial consultant, and child specialist. Another major difference is that mediation is much cheaper than collaboration. With only one professional hired opposed to the group of professionals in the collaboration process, a couple can save money and time with mediation.

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