The Role of a Mediator

The Role Of A Mediator

Palm Beach and Broward County Mediator

If you are considering mediation to resolve your family law matter, you might have questions about what a mediator does and the role of the mediator in the context of you dispute. Mediation is a way for parties to save the time and money of a trial and agree to terms outside of court. Mediation also benefits disputing parties because the future is in their hands and won’t be decided by a judge. The mediator’s goal is to facilitate the process and help disputing couples come to the most amicable conclusion for their matter. If you are in need of mediation, Judith Goldberg is available to ease you through the process and guide you towards the best conclusion possible.

What Does The Mediator Do?

A mediator facilitates the discussions and negotiations that resolve family disputes outside of the courtroom. The mediator is a neutral third-party who works towards a manageable conclusion for the parties involved. Your mediator helps everyone communicate. They help people determine and weigh options in a respectful manner. They also assist in the active listening of the other party’s desires and concerns about the future.

A mediator has both party’s interests in mind. In some cases, one person may want to speak about an issue in private before it is brought to the table. The mediator will take the time to discuss matters privately before the topic is discussed by both parties. Both people have this option and there is no limit to how often they can request a private discussion. In these circumstances, the mediator will bring up the topic in a constructive manner, allowing both parties to discuss and resolve the situation without accusations or emotionally-charged language.

Often, a mediator has the responsibility to draft an agreement between parties on their family matter. Courts still have to review any written agreements drafted in mediation. The role of a mediator will be to write an agreement that will be received well by the court. If mediation addresses issues related to children, the court will scrutinize the agreement and make a determination based on the best interests of the child. It is important to choose a mediator that has experience drafting durable settlement agreements in order to save everyone time and money.

Choose a Palm Beach and Broward County mediator you can trust

Mediator Judith Goldberg has your best interests in mind. With over 20 years of experience with family law, she works diligently to guide couples towards amicable conclusions to their legal matter in order to avoid courts and costs. If you are in need of mediation or advice on mediation, Call Ms. Goldberg’s office. Judith Goldberg has the compassion and integrity to help you through your issues. Whether dealing with divorce, child issues, annulments, or other family matters, Ms. Goldberg prides herself on the personalized attention that makes people comfortable talking about deeply emotional issues. Contact Judith Goldberg today.