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Family Mediation – Guiding families towards a positive co-parenting future

When spouses have irreconcilable differences and get a divorce, they are not the only ones affected by the drastic life change. Children are often caught in the middle of divorce proceedings. Children can be a highly emotional topic for parents. Both parents have worked to forge the best relationships with their children and the thought of change can be too much for some. In these cases, mediation is good for all parties involved. When parents are able to work out their differences with mutual respect and demonstrate positive conflict resolution strategies, everyone benefits. To conclude the process of family mediation, both parties will have to agree on topics like child support and child custody. If you are interested in mediation or have questions about the process, don’t hesitate to contact Judith Goldberg to discuss your needs.

Child custody and visitation mediation

Child custody can be an emotional topic for all parties. Sometimes, court cases are based on custody battles. Unfortunately, people will allow their feelings to draw out disputes that can be resolved with a respectful discussion. Child custody mediation addresses the same issues heard in court but leaves out the emotional aspect that often leads people to heated court battles. Parents will respectfully negotiate and discuss a living arrangement that works best for all parties, most importantly, the child. When the judge reviews a child custody mediation agreement, they will scrutinize every word to be sure that parents focused the process on the child’s best interests. Parents find mediation to be the most effective way to settle a child custody dispute because they are able to decide the future of their family and not leave it in the hands of a judge.

Child support mediation

Like most other states, Florida parents are legally responsible to support their children until a certain age. Child custody often dictates how child support will be settled. If a child lives with one parent more of the time, the other parent may be held responsible for more child support, depending on the financial situation of the family. Child support and custody can truly be too emotional for some and that leads to highly disputed and troubled court cases. When parents have their child’s best interests in mind, they may realize that mediation is more effective than a court case and sends a good message about conflict resolution. Child support mediation will address where money should come from in order to support the child, continuing the quality of life the child is accustomed to, when the support will end, and how to modify the support when faced with changing circumstances. Similar to child custody, when parents are able to agree outside of the courtroom, they are usually more satisfied with the outcome because the decision was their own. When a mediator drafts an agreement, the judge will review the settlement with the child’s best interests in mind. Parents need to focus on the child or the court may judge against them.

Call an effective family, child support and child custody mediator

If you are inquiring about how to resolve a family dispute related to child custody or child support, call Judith Goldberg for your mediation needs. Ms. Goldberg has over 30 years of experience related to family law. As a Connecticut family law attorney and Mediator in Florida and Connecticut, she knows divorce and family law and how to draft settlement agreements that will be well-received by the courts. She serves Palm Beach and Broward County with expert mediation services that are cost-effective. She has the compassion and dedication that will ease your family through tough times and on to a better situation. If you need a mediator that cares, call Judith Goldberg today.