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It is with the utmost regard that I submit this letter of gratitude to Judith Goldberg, Esquire. Changing one’s life through the process of divorce is never easy or uncomplicated. One’s emotions can sometimes overtake common sense and inherent decency; but through Judith’s patience and expertise, my spouse and I of over twenty-three years parted ways as painlessly as possible.

I searched the internet for an attorney in my area, and was quite impressed with Judith’s background, experience and scope of knowledge. I placed a phone call to Judith’s office, left a message, and within 20 minutes, was talking to the lawyer who would guide us through the next challenging part of our life. Judith explained, in great detail and layman’s language, what each part in the un-marriage process would look like, and answered our questions with direct responses and ever-present kindness. Judith explained that, as our mediator, she would provide us with the facts and walk us through the steps, from beginning to end. She remained respectfully impartial to our individual perspectives, but always encouraged us to reach out separately or together at any time. Judith pointedly highlighted each section of every document required by the Court, and explained the meaning of each section.

Three months after our first meeting with Judith, the end result was precisely what my now ex-husband and I were seeking. I sincerely thank Judith Goldberg for her exemplary service and for providing the professional assistance we needed throughout this life changing process. I am forever grateful!


Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

If you are interested in dissolving your marriage, without the emotional turmoil and financial costs inherent in a lengthy, disruptive contested divorce, choose a Mediated Divorce.

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Family Mediation

Family Mediation

When spouses have irreconcilable differences and get a divorce in Florida, they are not the only ones affected by the drastic life change. Children are often caught in the middle of divorce proceedings.

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Mediation Benefits

Mediation Benefits

When pursuing a divorce in Florida, working with a divorce mediator is one of the fastest growing areas for couples who desire a non-adversarial divorce because litigation can be expensive and protracted.

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1986  Law Degree of Juris Doctor Cum Laude, Pace University School of Law

Pace Law Review, Senior Staff, 1985-1986 Award Recipient

1986  Admission to the Bar of the State of Connecticut

1987 Admission to the Bar of the State of New York

1988 Admission to United States District Court, District of Connecticut

1990 Admission to the United States Supreme Court of America

1995 Connecticut Family and Divorce Mediation, Training

1995 New York State Family and Divorce , Training

1995 Mediation Training

2012 Florida Certified Family & Divorce Mediator, Supreme Court of the State of Florida

2012 Established Florida Divorce & Family Mediation Practice

2016 Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, the CDFA®   The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts

Partner, Law Firm of Resha, Smith & Goldberg, Attorneys At Law, Danbury, Connecticut

Owner, Law Offices of Judith M. Goldberg, Attorney At Law, Danbury, Connecticut 1995-2020



Divorce is a challenge at best! It is not uncommon to be anxious or apprehensive about sitting down with your spouse and speaking about difficult, unresolved issues with a Mediator. The informal nature of mediation, even the setting in which it is conducted, should afford to the participants less stress than would otherwise confront them in a contested divorce process.

To prepare for your Mediation try to get plenty of rest and eat a meal before you come to the mediation conference. It is important to be able to concentrate, sometimes for several hours.

Divorce Mediation is not an attempt for the parties to reconcile their love, and halt a divorce. Mediation is not family counselling. Divorce Mediation is a process designed to help two parties discuss their issues, find common ground, and come to an agreement that is beneficial to all involved without having to go through costly and time consuming litigation.

Mediation frequently becomes a requirement in the divorce process because most contested divorces with unresolved disputes, such as child custody, child support, and alimony inevitably become difficult to settle. Even when the parties are represented by attorneys in the Dissolution of Marriage action many civil family matters will be referred to a Mediator for divorce mediation in a litigated divorce, by agreement of the parties or order of the court at some point during the court proceeding. In fact, most judges in Palm Beach County require mediation prior to trial

What Is The Role Of A Mediator In A Divorce?

As your Mediator my role is that of a neutral, impartial, third party, who has no stake in the outcome of the dispute, to help a couple settle and resolve all disputed issues that are present in a divorce.

I encourage dialogue and open communication between a couple, in an environment where each spouse is able to express their opinions and voice their concerns. As a Mediator, I work to help a couple resolve conflicts in their dispute which may involve parental issues such as custody and time-sharing, child support, alimony, and finances including the division of assets and debts. Divorce in Florida can be complex, so often times, a mediator is the best route to take to settle your case. It can be much more cost effective than a litigated divorce in Florida, as well.

My role is to facilitate communication by identifying issues, brainstorming available options, and allowing the parties to reach a voluntary agreement.

As your Mediator, I will prepare a written Marital Settlement Agreement that reflects the agreement reached in mediation, as well as prepare all the documents that are required to be filed in the Court for the parties to move forward to an Uncontested Divorce, and obtain a final Judgment of dissolution of marriage.

How Is Divorce Mediation Different Than A Litigated Divorce?

In divorce mediation, both parties will be meeting with their experienced family and divorce mediator, an independent neutral party, to settle and resolve all disputed issues that are relevant to your divorce, custody or support matter. Engaging in “divorce mediation” assumes that you will be successful in reaching a mutual understanding through the divorce mediation process, and that all the terms of your agreement which is contained in a “Marital Settlement Agreement” will become a part of the final Judgment of Divorce.

A divorce case that is commenced in Court by parties, with or without legal representation, where the divorcing couple have contested issues that are not resolved, is a “litigated” case and commonly referred to as an “contested” divorce proceeding.

In a litigated or contested divorce there is no overall mutual agreement, and consequently, your case will proceed eventually to court hearings and a final trial for the Judge to ultimately decide the financial and parenting matters. Under Florida law the court can mandate that the parties submit to Mediation before your contested court action is heard before the Judge at a trial. Oftentimes if the contested issues in a Dissolution of Marriage action are not settling, the referral of the contested issues to a Mediator will be made by the attorneys.

Do I Have To Go To Court If We Have A Mediated Divorce?

Upon the completion of a successful mediation, the Mediator prepares a comprehensive written Agreement that resolves all relevant issues, such as parenting and custody, financial issues and the equitable distribution of assets and debts, among others. Finalizing and signing of the the written Agreement, does not mean that the marriage is dissolved.

To be divorced requires that a court action for dissolution of marriage be instituted and to do that there is the need to file certain documents in Court, which start with a Petition, and that proper notification of the action is given to the other spouse.

The court documents can be prepared in a number of ways. One option is to prepare the required forms which are available at the court clerk’s office. The second option is to have someone prepare the forms for you, such as a mediator, or an attorney.


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Over 30 years of experience as a courtroom attorney and mediator of issues related to the divorce process. Judith Goldberg brings to her practice creative family law solutions, strategic planning, with compassion and results, to meet the needs of her clients to navigate through the most difficult of family law matters.

What Our Clients Say

Dearest Attorney Goldberg:

I do not know how to thank you for being there for me during these terrifying times I have been going
through, and always getting the best deal possible, where on my own I would have been helpless.

It was fascinating to see you doing magic in that court room, and to see your professional style.

You became my inspiration for the future, and the present, of highly professional, but also
understanding, warm hearted, wise, and beautiful woman.

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart, for everything you’ve done for me and my family.

I have had the pleasure of working with Judith Goldberg, I have found her to be very knowledgeable and experienced attorney who really cares about the well being of her clients. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Family Law attorney who would look after their best interests.