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– 1986-1990

1986  Law Degree of Juris Doctor Cum Laude, Pace University School of Law

Pace Law Review, Senior Staff, 1985-1986 Award Recipient

1986  Admission to the Bar of the State of Connecticut

1987 Admission to the Bar of the State of New York

1988 Admission to United States District Court, District of Connecticut

1990 Admission to the United States Supreme Court of America

– 1995

1995  Connecticut Family and Divorce Mediation, Training

1995  New York State Family and Divorce , Training

– 2014

2012 Florida Certified Family & Divorce Mediator, Supreme Court of the State of Florida

2016 Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, the CDFA®   The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts



  • How Can I Protect My Assets In A Divorce?

    The courts in Connecticut utilize many factors when determining the fair & equitable distribution of marital property. In the case of a successful divorce mediation, the courts don’t get involved in the division of marital property, however, they do in the case of a divorce. When you decide to use divorce mediation you & your spouse can have far more control of the division of your marital property.  I write a lot about this here.

  • What Is Divorce Mediation?

    You may, or may not need a Connecticut divorce attorney. Divorce mediation is an alternative process in which both spouses typically agree on some of the issues necessary to come to that conclusion in your case, and in the case of utilizing a divorce mediator, dissolving your marriage & all the matters through a settlement agreement. As a very experienced Connecticut divorce attorney, I can guide you through this process, whether it is as your Connecticut divorce attorney, or your divorce mediator.

    In most cases, it is a much less confrontational way of ending your marriage. Both spouses meet with the mediator, who is a neutral party that doesn’t have any stake in the proceeding. The mediator is unbiased, & neutral, and works to help you communicate and solve the problems.

    See more about divorce mediation in this video.

  • How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

    Divorce mediation, in the vast majority of all cases, will be far less costly than each spouse hiring divorce attorneys.

    First, you are only hiring one divorce mediator, instead of two divorce attorneys. In addition, a divorce mediator typically bills a lower hourly rate than one divorce attorney does.

    In most cases, Judith Goldberg, who is also a Connecticut divorce attorney, is able to complete a divorce mediation for between $4000-$5000. Most of this depends on how committed both spouses are to handling the dissolution of their marriage in a no-confrontational manner, with an objective approach to the issues in your marriage that need to be solved.

  • Connecticut Divorce Attorney

    Sometimes mediation just isn’t a great fit for a couple that is divorcing. When it becomes an adversarial process, and you just can’t agree on many things, then it is time to hire a Connecticut divorce attorney. Judith Goldberg is a great choice, due to her vast 25 years experience as a Connecticut divorce attorney, and her experience in the courtroom.

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