Divorce Mediation in Pompano Beach, FL

Divorce Mediation in Pompano Beach, FL

The divorce process can be expensive, lengthy, and deeply emotionally draining. However, there is an alternative to divorce litigation which may alleviate the stress of dealing with the matter in court. Divorce mediation allows you to meet with our trained mediator Judith Goldberg who will assist you to resolve your issues outside of court.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Pompano Beach, FL

Just like other forms of conflict resolution, divorce mediation takes time and effort to complete successfully however it has many benefits compared to the high cost of litigated divorce such as:

Mediation in Pompano Beach, FL is cheaper than divorce court: with mediation you have control over how your money is spent. Litigation on the other hand can cost thousands of dollars, even if your case does not go to trial.

Mediated divorce allows you to maintain privacy and confidentiality throughout the entire process whereas in court many documents are available for public access and review. Mediation also allows both parties to speak directly with each other, in an informal setting and not in the courthouse corridors, allowing less chaos and stress that interferes with productive settlement negotiations. The mediator will facilitate communication and keep disputes from escalating into arguments – so that there is less tension during discussions about property division, spousal support, custody arrangements or child parenting issues. Mediation provides couples with the ability to handle their conflict with a trained mediator in a calm and peaceful setting. It gives you the control to make your own decisions without having someone else interfere or take over the process.

Mediation saves couples time and money by avoiding costly litigation, reducing stress from heated back-and-forth conversations with lawyers and negotiating directly with each other will help you reach fair agreements about property division, child custody, spousal support, and others.

Divorcing Amicably in Pompano Beach, FL

Mediating your divorce in Pompano Beach, FL is one way of taking control of your life after a divorce and it lets you move forward in life on your terms instead of letting another person decide them based on legal rules like judges do in the court system.

Mediating your divorce is a good idea whether you have reached agreement on some, a few or none of the issues at hand. You might find out during the divorce mediation process that it is easier to resolve conflict and be surprised by how quickly a mediator can bring your differences into focus.

The sooner the two of you can get started on the road to mediation, the greater chance you will have for a successful resolution without going through divorce litigation (lawsuits).

Divorce Mediation Covers All Family Matters

Some of the areas that may be relevant in your divorce mediation are:

⦁ Division of marital property
⦁ Allocation of debt and liability
⦁ Spousal support (alimony)
⦁ Child support and education expense
⦁ Child custody and decision-making
⦁ Parenting time share
⦁ Guardianship of children
⦁ Division of pensions and retirement plans

Flexible Divorce Mediation Schedules in Pompano Beach, Florida

Divorce mediation sessions can be scheduled to meet your specific needs. Sessions can be held during the day, evening or even on weekends, if more convenient for the parties. It is common for divorce mediator Judith Goldberg to do Zoom meetings with parties who do not live nearby or prefer to do their mediation virtually. Divorce mediation allows couples to craft the terms of their divorce together, instead of being presented with court ordered judgments that may leave one party unhappy with the final outcome. Your divorce mediator may have weeks or months on their calendar before they will accept new clients or return calls, however divorce mediator Judith Goldberg works as quickly as possible so as not to increase the amount of time you and your spouse spend in divorce.

Contact Divorce Mediator Judith Goldberg for a Free Consultation

Meet with an experienced family law mediator who has experience in divorce mediation and is willing to serve as your mediator. Our divorce mediator Judy Goldberg has over 30 years of experience in divorce mediation. Meet with your divorce mediator before you get too far along in the divorce process. Don’t wait until after your case is filed or an attorney has been hired to start looking for a divorce mediator. Contact Judith Goldberg to get started on your Pre-Suit divorce mediation in Pompano Beach, FL today.