About Judith Goldberg

Who is Judith Goldberg?

JUDITH GOLDBERG, is a licensed divorce & family law Mediator, certified by the Supreme Court of the State Of Florida. JUDITH GOLDBERG maintains offices exclusively for her Florida divorce mediation practice serving couples in convenient locations in Broward County and Palm Beach County. JUDITH brings to her divorce mediation practice in South Florida her extensive law background, education, training and over 30 years of mediation and dispute resolution skill and experience. Judith’s professionalism and proven success as a Divorce Mediator and representation of clients and couples in the area of divorce and family law will create a productive collaborative environment to reach amicable settlements in your divorce.

As a DIVORCE MEDIATION SPECIALIST JUDITH serves as a neutral facilitator, assisting all parties in an equal manner, without favoring a particular outcome. Her purpose is to assist and empower the mediating couple achieve a voluntary resolution of disputed issues. Her skill, training and extensive experience empowers her clients to resolve their dispute. JUDITH does not serve as an attorney in the Divorce Mediation; she does not offer either party legal advice and does not practice law in the State of Florida.

Here is some important information about Judith Goldberg. She is admitted to practice law before the State Courts of Connecticut. Judith Goldberg is also licensed to practice law in the state Of New York.


Mediator Judith Goldberg, empowers divorcing couples, in a created collaborative environment, to inquire what each party wants, listening with respect and acknowledgement, to achieve a family plan that works for everyone with particular emphasis on each other’s wellbeing. She encourages her clients to move forward in their respective lives and protect the children from harm and further disruption.  


If you are interested in dissolving your marriage, without the emotional turmoil and financial costs inherent in a lengthy, disruptive contested divorce, choose a Mediated Divorce. Judith Goldberg should be your first choice for your Mediation.  

Successful mediation starts with a Certified Florida Family & Divorce Mediator, highly trained, with 30+ years of experience in mediation and dispute resolution. Affordable and completed at your pace, out of court, in a non-adversarial process.