Divorce Mediation in Deerfield Beach, FL

Divorce Mediation in Deerfield Beach, FL

During any divorce, there are many emotions and feelings involved that having an objective person present helps to alleviate much of the stress and anxiety felt by each spouse. Mediator Judith Goldberg empowers divorcing couples, in a created collaborative environment, to inquire what each party wants, listening with respect and acknowledgement, to achieve a family plan that works for everyone. She encourages her clients to move forward in their respective lives and protect the children of the marriage from harm and further disruption.

As a DIVORCE MEDIATION SPECIALIST, Judith Goldberg serves as a neutral facilitator, assisting both parties in an equal manner, without favoring a particular outcome. In the PRO SE MEDIATION, Judith Goldberg assists and empowers the mediating couple to achieve a voluntary resolution of disputed issues so that that they can proceed to an Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage without the high costs and acrimony often associated with litigated divorce. Mediation is affordable and completed at your pace.

If you are interested in dissolving your marriage, without the emotional turmoil and financial costs in a lengthy disruptive contested divorce, choose a Mediated Divorce. Judith Goldberg should be your first choice for your Mediation, with over 30 years of training, experience, and knowledge of divorce law.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Deerfield Beach, FL

There are numerous benefits of using divorce mediation to get divorced. If you have a good understanding on how divorce mediation works this will greatly benefit you financially as well as emotionally. Judith Goldberg does this by helping you to communicate better with your spouse so that all issues can be resolved in a more timely manner. She has over 30 years of experience in divorce mediation for her clients in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Some of the areas that may be relevant in your divorce mediation are:

⦁ Division of marital property
⦁ Allocation of debt and liability
⦁ Spousal support (alimony)
⦁ Child support and education expense
⦁ Parenting decision-making
⦁ Parenting time share
⦁ Guardianship of children
⦁ Division of pensions and retirement plans
⦁ Division of other assets

While attending a divorce mediation session, you will be assisted by our experienced divorce mediator Judith Goldberg who will help you create an effective strategy for achieving your goals during the divorce process. While attending this session, there are no decisions made without consulting both partners involved. Once issues are resolved, you come up with a written agreement that must be signed by both parties before it can become binding.

The Importance of a Family Mediator in Deerfield Beach, FL

Judith Goldberg is known for her work as a family and divorce mediator in Deerfield Beach, FL. Through her mediation process, she offers the couple to resolve issues amicably within a flexible schedule that will accommodate busy lifestyles as well as an opportunity to preserve relationships and maintain civility among parties involved. As an experienced mediator, she can also help you move on with your life more effectively by avoiding court disputes and litigation expenses which saves both parties time and money. Her mediation services can help both sides reach a resolution according to their desires and needs.

Reasons Why Divorce Mediation in Deerfield Beach, FL Makes Perfect Sense

In her work, Judith has seen how divorces can become ugly because of emotions which lead many couples into court battles that are costly and take longer than expected. In addition, there is also the possibility of damaging relationships in these cases so it is more productive for the couple to reach an amicable settlement without engaging in litigation. Here are some examples of divorce cases where mediation becomes necessary:

Uncontested Divorce – if you have already worked out issues like child custody, property division or even spousal support on your own before going to a judge for final approval then this will be an uncontested case. What makes it different from other types of divorces in Deerfield Beach, FL is that you will only need to work out issues with your spouse in regards to his or her share of property, support, asset distribution and the like.

In this case, mediation is the most ideal scenario because it allows couples involved to come up with an amicable settlement without risking damaging relationships. There can also be less stress since spouses are not going through a lengthy process of gathering evidence and preparing for court proceedings.

If you need help with an uncontested divorce, reach out to Deerfield Beach divorce mediator Judith Goldberg . She has over 30 years of experience providing families in South Florida with excellent services when going through family law matters.

Spousal Support – if one partner is unable to make ends meet after deciding to end a marriage then it is important to look at spousal support during divorce mediation to ensure both parties are whole after the divorce.

Easier on the Children – children going through a divorce in Deerfield Beach, FL don’t need to hear about financial disputes between both parents. Save your children from this by reaching out to divorce mediator Judith Goldberg today. She will guide you and your spouse through an uncontested divorce allowing you to focus on what is best for you and your children.

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