What Happens in the Mediation Process?

The divorce mediation process consists of a series of meetings. I will act as a neutral mediator and guide the couple through a list of issues. As a group, we will work through all contested issues and try to come to a resolution. It is import to the process that the meetings focus around mutual respect and a common goal. At the end of the process, we have a series of resolutions, all of which will form the separation agreement. Once a separation agreement is drafted and both clients agree to the terms, I can file it with the court and start the process of ending the marriage legally.

Many people prefer to choose mediation over a contested divorce because it means that they usually get to stay out of court and save themselves some money. Any court matter can be expensive as a result of the legal fees but mediation does not require an attorney or court appearances, given that you and the other party can successfully complete the mediation process.

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