What are the benefits of family mediation?

When the parents of a child get divorced, it is especially difficult for the children. Many of these parents wonder whether or not they should involve the children in mediation sessions and the impact it may have on the family. While it is not necessary for children to attend every mediation session, it  may be beneficial for them to attend a few. Family mediation sessions can allow the children and parents to discuss what the future will be like after the divorce is finalized.

Having children attend mediation may benefit the family altogether. Children do not want to see their parents fighting any more than they probably already have. Mediation can give the children the idea that their parents are not hostile towards each other, which may help ease some of the stress associated with the divorce. One of the other benefits of allowing the children to attend a family mediation session is that they will have the chance to voice their opinions or concerns and ask questions in a safe  environment.

Family mediation sessions may be a good place to discuss with the children what the custody arrangements will be and explain what the next steps will be in the divorce. Many times, children feel like they are kept in the dark about what is happening in terms of the divorce and it leaves a lot of feelings of uncertainty. Allowing the children to take part in some of the mediation sessions can help them feel as though they have a say in all of the changes taking place in their life.

If you are unsure about how to explain your divorce to your children, you may want to schedule a few family mediation sessions. The mediator can guide you in the direction of how to explain the divorce in a way your children can understand.

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