My Spouse is Lying About His/Her Income. What Can I Do?

There are many situations during a divorce in which one spouse will try to falsify information regarding his or her income in order to walk away with a better outcome than they would have if they were truthful. For example, a former spouse may lie about the amount of money they make so they will not have to pay as much for child support. Or, they are hoping to obtain alimony payments so they claim they are unable to support themselves without assistance from their former spouse. These situations unfortunately occur quite often but there is an easy solution.

If you believe that your spouse may be deceiving you in regards to his or her income, you may be able to bring in the services of a financial investigator. In order to do so, you will have to request something called financial discovery in which they will look into your former spouses’ income and taxes. If you are able to prove that your spouse has been deceitful about their income, you may be able to renegotiate your child support or alimony payments.

You should contact an experienced mediator today if you believe your ex-spouse is lying about their financial situation. You should not be taken advantage of by your former spouse and they should take responsibility for the payments they are required to make and receive.

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