Ending A Marriage Through Mediation

When a couple attends mediation, they are expected to have some idea of what they want to achieve at the completion of the sessions. There are a number of factors that a couple will need to consider when they go through mediation. These include everything from matters of child custody/visitation rights, the process of equitable distribution, any alimony/spousal maintenance payments, and any other potential situations that may arise.

The period of time in which a couple goes through a divorce is an incredibly emotional for all parties involved, including the spouses themselves, their children, and other relatives that may have built a relationship with both people in the marriage. Mediation is not easy. Topics that the spouses may not necessarily want to talk about will likely come up throughout the mediation process. The breakdown of a marriage is a very sensitive topic of conversation for many. However, some people do find mediation to be therapeutic. It can allow each of the spouses a chance to obtain a sense of closure.

Marriages and relationships that last for years will have a lasting impact on a person and can ultimately shape the relationships they may have in the future. Mediation can allow a couple to put a softer end to this time of their life than can be obtained by litigation in court. Here, hopefully the ex-spouses will have the ability to walk away having some sort of an amicable relationship as opposed to one filled with hate and resentment.

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