Do We Have To Be On Good Terms To Choose Mediation?

Many times, potential clients will come in and ask whether or not they have to be on good terms with their soon to be ex-spouse to choose mediation. This is a difficult question to answer. It definitely makes the process easier, but it is not required.

For many couples, divorce is a very emotional time and during mediation, sensitive topics pertaining to your divorce will come up. You will have to work together to make important decisions about who gets what, child custody and spousal maintenance. These can be difficult decisions to make for anyone, especially when it comes to determining child custody.

The couples who are able to amicably obtain a divorce usually have a quicker divorce than those who sit there are argue about it. Some couples are better off obtaining a divorce through the court because they simply cannot stand to be in the same room together and cannot agree on anything. This makes it much more difficult to successfully go through the mediation process.

Of course, you don’t have to be on the best of terms either because there must be a reason you are getting a divorce. As long as you and your spouse can set aside your differences for the sake of mediation, you will find success in this avenue of divorce. There are some instances in which couples can even decide not to get divorced at all because mediation was so helpful.

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