Do we each need to hire our own mediator?

When a couple is planning to get divorced through mediation, they may have a lot of questions about a situation that they may be unfamiliar with. A lot of people choose mediation because it is a cheaper option, the couple gets to stay out of court, and in many situations, the couple gets to walk away in a better place than they were when they began the mediation process. The reason that mediation is cheaper is because neither party necessarily needs to hire an attorney. However, some people do prefer to have an attorney present to make sure they are getting everything they are entitled to. One of the other benefits about the cost-effectiveness of mediation is that the couple obtaining a divorce only needs to hire one mediator. The couple may be able to split the cost of the mediator. There may even be the slight possibility that if one spouse has a significantly higher income than the other, the more monied spouse may be requested to pay for the cost of the mediator.

Every situation is different, so it is important for a couple contemplating divorce through mediation to get in contact with an experienced mediator to discuss what options are best for them. Mediation is not for everyone. Though a cheaper divorce that does not have to go to court sounds ideal, if the couple simply can’t sit in the same room and discuss these life-changing decisions such as equitable distribution or child custody, they may be better off going to court and having a judge decide what is best for them.

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