Child or Spousal Support Modification

When an agreement is made during mediation to determine what spousal support or child support payments should be made, they are based upon the current financial situation of each party. However, as quickly as a person’s financial situation may improve, it may also completely take a turn for the worst. This may have an impact on that person’s ability to make child support or spousal support payments and therefore, the agreement may need to be revised to be more feasible for the person to pay.

If you have lost your job or taken a job with a lower salary, you may no longer to be able to make the support payments to your child or spouse that you once could. You may have to go back to mediation and arrange to have the amount of money you are required to pay lessened in order to afford it. It is important that you modify your payments when your financial situation changes instead of not paying at all because you could end up in further legal trouble. There is a formula that determines the amount of child support you are required to pay when you are the noncustodial parent, meaning that you have custody of your child for less than 50-percent of the time.

If your financial situation changes in a way that you can no longer oblige by all of your responsibilities, you should contact an experienced divorce and family law mediator to help you with your child or spousal support agreements.

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