Who can benefit from mediation?

Mediation has become a very popular method of divorce in Florida and throughout the country. However, not all couples may be able to find success through mediation because they simply cannot get along with each other enough to make the important decisions about their future. The truth is that mediation isn’t for everybody but for the people who can sit with their spouse for extended periods of time and talk through decisions, it can be great. Mediation can not only benefit the spouses, but any children that the couple may have as well.

If you and your spouse are able to communicate effectively through an emotional period of time such as divorce, you may want to try mediation and access the benefits of this alternative method. In mediation, you have far more control over your assets and your future than people do in a litigated divorce. Here, there is no judge that says, “okay, you get this and you get that.” You and your spouse can truly talk through the division of all of the assets and determine who would be better suited with what. Perhaps the custodial parent should be able to keep the marital residence so the children can maintain a sense of normalcy.

In addition to the control you have over your divorce through mediation, you will also find that you can move at your own pace. Many people want to get the divorce over with quickly and don’t want to have to rely on court dates, so they choose mediation. Some people can conclude their entire divorce in under 15 hours of mediation sessions. Of course, it is entirely situational and depends on the cooperation of the two parties.

If you think mediation may be your best option, consult with an experienced mediator who can assist you in starting the process.

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