What is a protective order?

When a person becomes a victim of domestic violence, many times they will obtain an order of protection against their abuser. A protective order serves the purpose of keeping an abuser away from the victim so they cannot continue to commit acts of domestic violence against that person again. Domestic violence entails abusive acts by either a family member or another person who lives in the household, not just any random person.

In Florida, there are four different orders of protection. These include orders for domestic violence, repeat violence, dating violence, and sexual violence. Each of these orders have different qualifications.

It is important that if you are the victim of domestic violence, you try to obtain an order of protection to ensure that your abuser can no longer commit abuse towards you. You will have to go through the court to obtain an order of protection and it cannot be done through mediation because bringing the two parties together would defeat the purpose of obtaining a protection order to keep that person away from you.

If you have questions regarding obtaining an order of protection, you should contact an experienced attorney who can assist you in this process. Your safety is of top priority and it is important that you do take steps towards achieving safety.

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