What do I need to be prepared for mediation?

When a couple is planning on getting a divorce through mediation, they should know what to expect going into the process. Any means of divorce is a document-heavy process and it is best to be prepared with all of the documents before attending your first mediation session. The majority of the paperwork that you will need to have prepared is related to your finances.

These financial documents generally include a list of all of your physical and monetary assets, the contents of all of your bank accounts, retirement funds, the credit cards in your name, outstanding debts you may have, and finally, any investments in  businesses or stocks. All of the assets, financial and physical, must be divided during the equitable distribution process that occurs. Equitable distribution is simply the “who gets what” of the divorce.

Other helpful pre-mediation preparation tactics involve having an idea of your financial future. Will you try and request spousal support payments? Will you be required to make child support payments? These factors should be taken into consideration because most people’s financial situation changes in one way or another after a divorce. Now, you are probably only relying on your income to get by.

You should also be ready to face the idea that your life is going to change, regardless of whether you are prepared for it or not. Divorce is a very difficult time for many people and it can take a toll on a person’s emotional wellbeing. Mediation is a great place to air your concerns about the future and any child custody/visitation arrangements that you may have questions about.

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