What Can I Ask For In A Settlement Agreement?

What happens during the mediation process is that the two parties involved agree on a settlement about topics such as child custody or the division of assets during a divorce. Some of the things that you are allowed to ask for during your mediation process are any of the marital assets that you and your soon to be ex-spouse own together, custody of the children that you may share and alimony payments from your spouse.

When you are going through the mediation process, you usually do not have to go to court in the event that you and the other party can come to an agreement amicably and can construct the entire settlement agreement with the help of a mediator outside of court. It is typically less expensive than going through the litigation process because you do not have to pay court or attorney fees, given that you can stay out of court.

Coming to a settlement agreement might take longer for some people than it does for other people, simply because they may have more assets than other couples do. Sometimes this depends on the length of the marriage. Typically longer marriages have more assets than marriages that didn’t last as long. Whether or not you have children can also have an impact on the amount of time it takes to come to a settlement agreement because both parents may want to be the primary parent and therefore, the custody agreement may take some time.

Due to the fact that every marriage is different, every settlement agreement is also different. Settlement agreements vary for everyone and the division of assets may not always be a 50/50 split. If you are interested in starting mediation, please feel free to call my office.

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