Relocating With A Child

When a custody arrangement is made during mediation, both parties must comply. However, if things change and one party needs to move out of state, you may have to return to mediation. This is because you can’t simply move out of state with your child and the other parent must approve of it. The previsions of the custody agreement may state that the other parent has the right to spend a certain amount of time with the child. However, this may be compromised in the event of your relocation with the child. Now, you will have to return to mediation and discuss what your options are.

Sometimes, the other parent will object to your relocation request. Florida law states that if the other parent rejects your petition to relocate, there are specific ways that they must go about doing that. First, that parent must file their objection in writing within 20 days that the petition to relocate was filed by the other parent. If the objection is made after the 20-day time period has passed, the other parent will be allowed to relocate with the child. However, if it is truly not in the best interest of the child, they will not be allowed to. If a parent decides that they are going to relocate with the child without permission, the child may have to return back to the state. Every case is different and you will have to speak to an attorney.

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