Modification of Alimony Through Mediation

When a marriage dissolves, one spouse may receive alimony payments. The decision to have one spouse pay for alimony may be made in a mediation session. However, sometimes circumstances change and alimony payments may no longer be necessary.When support is initially agreed upon, neither party can know what their circumstances will be a few years down the road and therefore, they may need to be modified in the future. If spousal support needs to be modified, both parties will have to discuss what the best option they should pursue is.

What is alimony?

Alimony serves to assist one of the spouses after a divorce is finalized. Perhaps one spouse has never worked outside of the home and cannot support themselves after a divorce. The other spouse will make monthly payments to assist in maintaining the quality of life that they experienced before the divorce took place.

For example, if the spouse receiving alimony loses their job, payments may increase. However, if the spouse paying support loses their job, payments may stop altogether. A mediation session can allow both parties to explain their circumstances and determine the future of the alimony payments. Mediation is a great tool for modifying agreements such as alimony, custody or the division of assets.

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