Is health care covered in child support?

One question that many parents ask when they are in the midst of creating a custody agreement with an ex-spouse for their child is whether health insurance is included in a child support agreement. In Florida, it is recommended for a child support agreement to include health care. What should be noted in this situation is that health insurance is only required if the amount of coverage is considered reasonable. “Reasonable,” meaning that it is within 5-percent of the responsible parent’s gross income. The court is allowed to have a say in what is considered reasonable if it is something other than 5-percent. One of the factors that must also be considered is whether the health insurance is available in the county that the child resides in. If it is not offered in that county, it may not be required.

Health insurance may be split between two parents if the parents share custody equally.  These laws can quickly become confusing and it may be beneficial for you to speak with someone experienced in family law to determine what your obligations are. If you fail to abide by the court ordered health insurance payments, you may find yourself in trouble so it is important to make all of your payments on time.

The various laws surrounding child support in Florida can be complex and confusing. It is important that you speak with an experienced family law mediator or attorney who understands the ins and outs of the law. This legal professional can assess the particular circumstances surrounding your situation and help determine what you are liable for in your child support payments.

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