How Are Assets Divided Up? Who Makes the Choice and Selection?

In Florida, if you have a litigated issue about how your property is divided and distributed, we’ll go to the court. There are many factors that a court would consider in deciding what would be considered fair and equitable under your particular set of facts. Remember, in mediation, you’re not before a judge. You get to create the agreement. You, the participants, will decide how your assets are divided up.

What happens to your home? What happens to your automobiles – your pension account? All of that is decided by you, not the mediator – you. You can create and be very creative in deciding how your estate should look after the divorce.

In some cases, participants have a difficult time with the equitable distribution of the assets and cannot come to an agreement about who gets what and may have to go to court. Every situation is different depending on the cooperation of the parties involved in the division of assets process. Some spouses can come to these decisions simply and others may have much more difficult time.

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