Florida’s Child Support Laws

When a couple that has a child or multiple children gets divorced, there are many factors that need to be handled. When children are involved, a divorce is not just about the couple. It is about the entire family because it will have serious impacts on everyone’s lives. One parent will likely be granted more time with the children than the other. The parent that spends less time with the children will be required to make child support payments to the other parent in order to help cover some of the expenses related to the children. These payments can go towards the clothing, food, schooling, the extracurricular activities of the children, and more.

In Florida, child support payments are calculated on the combined monthly net income of both parents to determine the minimum amount that the parent is required to pay. Here is an example. If the parents’ combined monthly net income is $3,000 each month and they have two children, the non-custodial parent will be required to make a $1,001  payment each month. The payment increases for every additional child. So, if the combined monthly net income is still $3,000 but the parents have four children together, they will be required to make a payment of $1,412 each month. If the combined net monthly income exceeds 10,000, the parent will have to pay 5.0% percent of that amount for one child, 7.5% for two children, 9.5% for three children, 11.0% for four children, 12.0% percent for five children, or 12.5% for six children.

Child support laws can be confusing. The child may have special needs or other extraordinary expenses that may deviate from the calculations that were listed above. If you have questions, it is important that you consult with an experienced family law attorney or mediator who can help you determine what you will be responsible for.

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