Florida Department of Child and Families

The Florida Department of Child and Families works to protect children and parents from abuse or neglect in their state. The Florida DCF has a lot of services that work to ensure all of the children in the state are being properly cared for in terms of having a safe place to live with a guardian that can provide the necessary food, clothes, schooling, and health care.

Many people fear the Department of Child and Families because if a home is deemed unsafe, they will remove the children from the home. This may also mean removing the children from the care of the parents because the parents clearly could not provide the appropriate care in the first place.

When a parent is investigated by the DCF for child neglect, it may impact them in the future for matters of child custody. If you are getting a divorce from your spouse, you may have a defense for you to keep your child if your spouse has been investigated. However, if you were the one investigated, it may be the reason for you not to be able to retain child custody in your divorce.

You will require the services of an experienced family law attorney to assist you in approaching this matter. Mediation may be a beneficial place for you to discuss your family law issues because you can have constructive conversations regarding the future of your children.

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