Florida Children’s Legal Services

When a couple goes through a divorce, many of the factors become increasingly complicated when that couple has children together. If divorce occurs through mediation, the parents are permitted to make the decisions regarding their child’s future. They sit together and discuss what would be most beneficial for the children. The parents can work together to determine what the custody agreement will be. When the custody agreement is determined, one of the parents will become the custodial parent and the other will be the non-custodial parent. There are services that can help the families adjust to the new life after divorce. The Florida Children’s Legal Services works to represent the children throughout the state in order to ensure their safety. If one of both parents are suspected of neglecting or abandoning their child, it is crucial that the Department of Children and Family Services is notified of the situation. They can work with Children’s Legal Services to obtain legal representation represent children in dependency court cases, as opposed to family court cases.

When a child is removed from the home due to the neglect of the parents, they may be appointed a guardian ad litem. This person will advocate for the child’s best interest to the court. There are many factors that must be considered in a situation of this caliber. It is important that the child is able to express their needs and concerns to the court.

If you have questions about the services that can advocate for your child, consult with a family law attorney or a member of the Florida Children’s Legal Services.

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