Can we mediate child support?

A lot of people think that mediation is strictly limited to simply obtaining a divorce. However, when a couple who is getting divorced has children, there are a number of other factors taken into consideration, all of which can be handled through mediation. Many clients will ask whether they can handle their child support matters in mediation, and the answer to that is yes, they can.

Non-custodial parents, or the parent who spends less than 50-percent of the time with the child, will be required to make payments to the child’s other parent. Handling matters related to a child can many times be more emotional for parents than the divorce itself. No parent wants to have less time with their child than they were once used to having. Dealing with these decisions in mediation can make an easier transition for parents because they can voice their concerns in a safe environment and really talk through the future of the parenting plan with the other spouse and the mediator. A lot of parents that determine these matters through mediation have a stronger relationship at the end of the sessions and may find it easier to co-parent for years to come.

An experienced mediator can work with parents to draft a child support agreement that will best suit the child and be able to appropriately continue their quality of life. It is important to try and maintain the child’s quality of life because they are already going through a highly emotional time as their parents are getting divorced and many other factors in their life are likely changing out of their control. They may have to leave their childhood home, change schools, and not see one of their parents as much as they once did. If you have questions about child support or custody, contact an experienced family law mediator today.

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