Can Mediation Help My Children Cope With Divorce?

When a child’s parents go through a divorce, it is always a difficult and confusing time for everyone involved, especially the children. Many times, depending on how young they are, the children don’t really understand what is happening to their parents or why they won’t see one of them as much anymore. However, the mediation process can help children understand what is happening and hopefully allow the parents to stay out of a custody battle that could be detrimental to the children during this emotional time. Depending on the decision of the parents, children are allowed to take part in the mediation process, if they so desire. Ultimately, whether or not the children are involved in mediation is up to the parents but it makes the children feel like they have a little bit of say in the decisions that are happening. The mediation process is faster than going to court for a divorce and can allow the parents of the children to maintain a level of respect for each other, which is beneficial for the children. It is also helpful to go through mediation as a family so the children don’t feel like they are left in the dark about the decisions being made that will have such a profound impact on their present and future. Mediation has many benefits that can assist the entire family through the difficult time that takes place during a divorce. Many parents want to do what they can to help their children during this time because so many things are changing out of their control and therefore, mediation can allow them to cope with everything that is occurring.

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