images (4)Divorce Mediation – An Alternative To A Divorce Attorney & Less Costly.

Divorce mediation is an alternative way of coming to a conclusion of your marriage. Successful mediation resolves all of the matters through a settlement agreement. It is a less confrontational, & usually a less adversarial process. This is because you & your spouse meet together with the mediator.

The divorce mediator plays a neutral role, & doesn’t have a stake in the proceeding. A mediator helps you to communicate & find mutually agreeable solutions to each issue in a divorce preceding.

The divorce mediator will address parental issues, child custody plans, and spousal & child support agreements. Issues relating to real estate & asset distribution are also addressed in a divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is especially helpful when tackling very difficult and challenging issues that you will have to talk through and resolve. It is a very successful process.

Because both of you are in basic agreement on the major issues, it is much less costly than the alternative. If you & your spouse each hire a divorce attorney, you are more than doubling the cost of the two of you hiring a single divorce mediator.

Divorce Mediation Can Avoid Confrontation & Keep It Respectful.

By utilizing a divorce mediator, you & your spouse can avoid the adversarial confrontations that typically take place in a divorce. In typical divorce proceedings, both spouses tend to feel a sense of anger. When a spouse is hurt & angry, sometimes they make decisions that are more about inflicting hurt on their spouse, than what is the best resolution for their case, especially if any children are involved.

However, in the case where both you & your spouse agree on the major issues as mentioned above, then making the decision to make an appointment with a divorce mediator is a good idea. Make sure that it is a well trained, highly competent & certified divorce mediator. This insures that they can provide you with an excellent, and more cost effective to dissolve your marriage.

Judith Goldberg is a well experienced divorce mediator in Connecticut, & is available to meet with you & our spouse to see if in fact, your case is a good fit for divorce mediation.

Judith Goldberg is an experienced Attorney & Certified Divorce Mediator practicing divorce and family law in the state of Connecticut. Please contact The Law Offices of Judith Goldberg to set up a free initial consultation.

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