What To Expect From Mediation

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Mediation is an effective way to save money and time when resolving family law matters. Parties have a better chance to conclude on an amicable note with mediation. Judith Goldberg is an expert mediator, focusing the negotiation process on mutual respect. If you have decided to work out your differences through mediation, you may not know what to expect. With over 20 years as an advocate, Judith Goldberg has the experience with family law and mediation to ease parties through their ordeal. She knows that this is an emotional process and the best way to resolve a situation is to know what’s coming.

Keep a clear head

Mediation has no place for hurtful words, emotional outbursts, and accusations. Mediation is a negotiating process focused on respect and a mutual goal. Everyone in the room should have their head clear and ready to get to the business of resolution. Being composed and ready to discuss the matters at hand expedites the process, saving time and money. Understandably, this is an emotional process. Be prepared to discuss important topics that impact your life. During mediation, you will be required to listen without interruption. Trust your mediator to have everyone’s interests in mind.

Mediation is a negotiation, not an argument

The past cannot change. Things have happened that brought you to mediation and focusing on the past is only going to muddle the process. If you have chosen mediation, you already have a proactive, positive mindset. You have chosen to avoid a drawn-out, emotionally-driven court battle. You have chosen to resolve the situation as quickly and cheaply as possible. Focusing on the past only tarnishes the great decision that brought you to mediation. Focus on the future and more importantly, what you want from the mediation. Talk to the mediator about your goals and focus on achieving a reasonable resolution.

Your concerns matter

Mediation works well when it is based on mutual respect. Understandably, the process is emotional, but accusations and uncontrolled emotions make the process harder for everyone. Focusing on the future, both parties should share their concerns about what will happen after the matter is resolved. If you have a concern, you should bring it to the table vocally or in writing. Each party is allowed to speak to the mediator alone and if you are not comfortable bringing up an issue in front of the other party, talk about it with the mediator. The goal is to be proactive in assisting both parties towards an amicable conclusion and peace of mind. If everyone’s concerns are not addressed, it may complicate things in the future.

Attorneys and legal advice

Your rights are important and getting the right information is integral to a positive conclusion. Often, parties will seek legal advice from multiple attorneys before starting the process of mediation. Educating themselves on their rights and obligations tends to shape a reasonable idea about how the process will be resolved. Some parties feel more comfortable having representation through the process. Having a legal professional on your side of the table surely helps ease minds while protecting rights, but make sure the attorney is not pushing you towards litigation. You have made the right decision to work out your differences outside of court. If you think your attorney is pushing you towards litigation, it may be in your best interests to seek other representation.

Choose a mediator that cares

Mediator Judith Goldberg has served Palm Beach and Broward County, Florida with a compassionate and earnest mediation practice. She prides herself on the ability to diffuse emotional situations and efficiently arrive at a positive conclusion to the legal matter. Choosing the right mediator is important and Judith Goldberg is committed to concluding the matter on the most civil note possible. With over 20 years of experience focused on family law matters, Ms. Goldberg is an expert in family law mediation. Call Judith Goldberg today.

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