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If you and your spouse are constantly fighting and are no longer happy with each other, divorce may be the next hurdle that you will both have to go through. Divorces can be rough, especially if the relationship didn’t end well. Things didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean that your divorce has to be a losing game. Through mediation, you can have a civil ending to your marriage and maybe even split things evenly. There is a lot involved in a divorce. Here are some reasons mediation might be your best choice:

Save Money
Getting an attorney and going to court can really cost you an arm and a leg. By choosing mediation, you can skip the trial and speak directly to one another with the guidance of a mediator. This will cost way less because you only need to pay for the mediator. The entire cost for mediation will definitely be less than a court case.

Save Time On Your Divorce
Divorce cases can go on forever and ever. In fact, it can take years! Hearings need to be scheduled and may be delayed or postponed. The timetable can be really irritating to work around, especially when you just want to get your divorce over with. Sessions through mediation are scheduled by agreed times between you two. The process will move a lot quicker since you two are in control of when and where you meet, as well as how quickly the session goes by.

You Are The Bosses
Most attorneys will have their own approach to the divorce process. Through mediation, you and your spouse are allowed to develop your own solutions, as long as you both agree on the expectations and rules. You and your spouse will dictate child custody, property division, as well as other assets. You will be able to decide what you and your spouse, as well as anyone else involved, want to do according to the needs of the child and parents. Schedules are to be dictated between spouses, and both parties will be able to decide what will help them adjust to post-divorce life.

Preserve Your Relationship
No longer being legally bonded doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t maintain a healthy, mature relationship. This is especially needed if there are kids involved, as they need a good example of healthy-minded adults. Because mediation allows both parties to communicate their wants and needs with each other directly, with an unbiased mediator to help, spouses will be more likely to maintain a healthy relationship since they have been speaking through the whole divorce. This may be a healthier, more mature approach to divorce.

Mediator Confidentiality
With litigation, details of your divorce may become part of the public record, which can be quite uncomfortable for some. Mediation is confidential and kept private between the two spouses and the mediator. This will help each party feel more comfortable about being honest during the agreements. Both parties will be able to say their piece and feel confident that it will not be anyone else’s business but theirs.

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