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If you are getting a divorce and considering mediation, it is crucial that you know the processes and are well prepared. You will want to know your expectations and intentions for the proceedings. If you are a couple splitting up in the state of Connecticut, there are tons of considerations to make.

Mediation is cheaper than a traditional divorce. Moreover, it will encourage conversation and working together rather than conflict and getting only what you want. Seeing as the two are quite different, it is good to know what to expect when it comes to topics that might be brought up during the process. Here are some things to remember about mediation in order to prepare yourself for it:


You Will Spend Less Time in Court

When you handle your words with a lawyer, you will have to take your case to court, which may take several occasions. Hence, if you don’t want your divorce to be public record, mediation is the way to go as it will stay private. In a mediated divorce settlement, you don’t have to cause a scene or make matters even more stressful for any kids and yourself. The only time you would need to appear in court is for the final divorce date.


You Must Remember Your Paperwork

Mediators charge by the hour, so you want to make sure that you are well-prepared for each session. You will want to gather some important documents such as the estimated value of real property, all pay stubs for the last 2 years, your tax returns for the past 2 years, current statements for all bank accounts, car loan statements, mortgage statements, credit card statements, child care costs, life insurance information, and monthly bills for utilities as well as other living expenses. Call your mediator before your session to ask them to confirm what paperwork is required.


You Must Be Transparent and Honest

It is easy to think that you can just lie your way through things, but it is also important to include even the ignoble parts of your life. You want to make sure there is full disclosure in order for you to ensure trust. This way your meditator and your ex-spouse-to-be will know that they can count on you to be upfront and honest about the situation. This will allow you to have more credibility when it comes to child care and custody. Some topics may require you to give some personal information, but it is best that you follow through and tell the truth.


You Will Have More Control Over Your Divorce

You will want to have more of a say in your divorce; mediation will allow this. Traditional proceedings will involve lawyers, court hearings, and long, drawn-out trials. Mediation will not take as much time, meaning that you can talk things through with your partner and will have guidance to come to a final agreement; hence, the mediation. If you and your partner are planning to go through mediation for divorce, contact an attorney who can help you through the process and prepare all legal documents and paperwork needed for the final divorce date hearing.

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