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Divorce can be very stressful and difficult for you and your family. Unfortunately, sometimes it is the only healthy option to go with. If you think you need to end your marriage for your own good, there are some decisions you will need to make before contacting a divorce attorney. It will depend on your current situation, but sometimes divorce is the only way out of a bad situation. Here are some situations that you need to get a divorce:


Every interaction is a bad one

Of course, there are ups and downs in all relationships, but if you feel that there are more negative interactions than good ones, your relationship might just lead to feelings of loneliness and helplessness. If you are depressed because of these reactions, it might be in your best interest to get a divorce. You need to weigh out the positive and negative interactions in order to figure out whether there is more or less of either one. If you feel that most of your interactions are negative, you should consider if you are really happy in this relationship or not.


When you each have different values

When people who have different belief systems get married, they try to make it work and maintain a successful marriage. They find common ground in some shared values in order to make up for it. If you eventually reach a point where those core values are obviously different enough to bother you, it may put a little dent in your relationship. Sometimes those values can change too. If your values are being challenged or you just don’t see eye to eye, it might be enough of a problem for divorce, depending on how important these values are. You want to find a partner who has the same values or at least respects your values.


If someone is unfaithful

If there is someone going outside of the relationship in order to pursue another relationship, this is a sure sign that divorce is needed. It may be hard to recover from the pain of an affair, but you need to get things together and manage to get a divorce. Marriage counseling may help, but it also might not be enough to rebuild that trust or the feelings that were lost from the cheater. It will depend on the situation, but generally, cheating is pretty much the ending of a marriage.


If there is any physical, sexual or emotional abuse

There is never any excuse for physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. If you are being abused in any way, you need to leave the marriage immediately, especially if there are children involved. You should take the kids, file for divorce, and be sure to speak to your lawyer about your concerns on custody of your children. Their safety is just as important as yours, and you are allowed to use your spouse’s abuse in court for the best interest of the children. Make sure you get a good lawyer that will help you fight this custody battle.

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