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If your marriage is deteriorating and you think your husband is considering a divorce, there are a few things you can do to try to help him remember why you got married in the first place. Here are some ways you can communicate your concerns with your husband:


Ask him to help you understand

Show him that you are trying your best to understand his side of things. Try not to assume how he’s feeling or why he is acting the way he is, rather genuinely ask him what you need to know in order to understand. Make sure you are asking because you really want to know since good intentions can really make him feel like you care to try and want to fix things without making assumptions.


Help him understand that it matters to you both

You want him to know how much he means to you and you feel that he is worth whatever it will take to get to where you are. Show him that you don’t want to give up on each other and make sure your spouse knows that he is valuable. Make sure he has the comfort of knowing that you’re on his side at all times.


Make amends for any wrongdoings

It’s always easier to blame the other person completely, but sometimes you need to admit that you’re in the wrong as well. Everyone makes mistakes, and not everyone will immediately see eye-to-eye. Swallow your pride and consider your marriage relationship rather than dwelling on matters such as who is right and who is wrong. Put aside your ego for a second and try to reflect on your own imperfections as well. You need to be accountable for your actions just as much as you are asking him to be.


Work on self-improvement

Let him know that there are things you do that might not be the healthiest yet you are trying your best to improve. Perhaps when he sees that you are working hard to fix this, he will feel more compelled to try and work the problems out along with you. Give him reasons to hope for better things in your relationship.


Remind him that you love him

Just saying you love him isn’t always enough, you should always try to be a little more specific as to why you love him, what he does or says that makes you love him and show your gratitude for him. Show him that you notice and care about the small things just as much as the big things.


Remind him that you’re proud of him

Tell your other half how much you are proud of him and mention specifically on what he has done to make you proud. Whether he is a hard worker, a father, or a husband, let him know that it is important for you to have him around. Convey your impressions on his abilities and contributions so that he will know, apart from being caring, you also appreciate the things he does.


Express yourself

Express how much you want and need him in your life and how devastated you would be without him by your side. Just by telling him you need him, you might soften his heart just a little. Showing vulnerability can help him open up and communicate a little more, which can lead to the strengthening of your marriage too.


Suggest taking a vacation

Be spontaneous and book a romantic getaway just for the two of you. Both of you will be able to make new memories, have fun and relax together. Plan a trip away to bring that spark back to a dull relationship. Sometimes you just need a few days to get out of your normal routine and remind yourself of why you fell in love in the first place.


Show your support

Make sure he knows that you have his back. Whether you show it with your actions or you speak up about it, you need to remind him of these things, especially if he is feeling low. Make sure he feels secure in your marriage relationship.

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