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Every day, the world of modern dating continues to experience tremendous changes in terms of how single men and women go out. Far from the old time standards of dating being for the sake of marriage, the modern dating scene is now governed by the norms of casual dating. Nowadays, millennials (and even older generations) cherish the concept of time even more, and opt to casually date instead of opting for long-term relationships that have a lack of security in the outcomes out of the fear of wasted time. However, just like all standard norms, there are multiple questions that arise because of conflicts with other past beliefs; for casual dating, the question most people are asking is: “is casual dating good for relationships?”

Defining casual dating

Before we go ahead and answer the question, let’s define the term “casual dating”:

According to most relationship scientists, casual dating is defined as a certain type of dating and sexual behavior with the absence of certain elements in a long-term romantic relationship. To put it simply, casual dating is dating someone and having sex with them without being in a long-term relationship. Casual dating is usually preferred by teenagers and young adults who want to maintain relationships without having to go in too deep.

In contrast to long-standing religious beliefs and lifestyles that condemn the trending type of dating, casual dating provides a set avenue for people to socialize, explore their options, and set out on a path towards marriage while eliminating the chances of ending up with the wrong person. Typically the outlook on casual dating can vary depending on your upbringing; some people who have a more traditional, uptight upbringing tend to view casual dating as an immoral option that ruins the meaning of relationships, while those with a more relaxed upbringing see it as something human and emotionally beneficial.

Answering the main question

Professionals and common folk alike can voice opinions all they want, but there is still one question that must be answered: is casual dating really good for relationships?

Based on the opinions and beliefs of numerous relationship psychologists and sociologists, casual dating has the tendency to result in higher divorce rates when done before marriage. While this may come from the mouth of experts, the basis of casual dating leading to divorce is quite shaky due to the lack of a properly established connection — in fact, certain studies have proven the opposite of what these psychologists and sociologists assume.

Depending on who you interview and how you interview them, you can expect an assorted pool of answers with regard to the effects of casual dating on the meaning and value of relationships. Most individuals in happy relationships will agree that casual dating has helped bring meaning into their relationship, while unhappy couples may attest that casual dating has ruined the meaning and value of relationships from their perspective.

The satisfaction of having a casual relationship

In terms of the casual dating relationships themselves, it’s important to understand that both parties need to be in favor or have a preference towards casual relationships in order to have a satisfactory relationship.

The complications of casual relationships often take place when one person develops a desire for commitment or any trait usually found outside the committed-casual relationship venn diagram.

If clear communication is put in the mix, however, casual relationships can be maintained at satisfactory levels and can even lead to more intimacy, better sex lives, and even marriage!

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