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In some situations, a stay-at-home parent will ask if they automatically get child custody in the event of a divorce. Unfortunately, no, you do not automatically get primary custody of your children in Connecticut. It means that you, at least, get an equal role in your children’s lives. The court will not automatically reward you will sole custody or even physical custody because you stayed at home. It is understandably hard to hear but even if one parent worked 12 hours a day and the other was integrally involved in the everyday activities of the child, each parent has equal rights in child custody cases.

The judge will always rule in favor of what is in the best interest of the children in question as far as custody goes. This also goes for situations such as a case of one parent having an extramarital affair but still being able to retain custody of the children. In no situation does any one parent automatically get custody, there are many factors that need to be considered by the judge and therefore, it is best if you do not simply assume that you will get custody in any situation because this is not always the case.

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