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Divorce is stressful for both spouses and everyone involved. If you and your spouse are having troubles, and are thinking of getting a divorce, but still have something to hold onto, there is a reason to keep fighting. If your spouse is considering divorce, there are some ways you can work it out to replenish what is left of the relationship:


Do a Little Self-Reflection

If you are worried you might have to go through a separation, this is a great time to reflect on yourself and learn from any mistakes you might have made during your marriage. You can reflect on your relationship, which can be a lesson to you for better self-development. Make sure you take time for your recovery while you are going through these issues. Think of ways that you can make it work out, but start with yourself and the problems you might personally have that might have contributed to the problems.


Be Affirming

Show your spouse that you support any decisions that they make and support them as a person, in general. If there is something that is getting in the way of your marriage, make sure that you can keep that mental connection to rebuild security. Whatever issues you are having, be communicative and use words of affirmation to show your love and support.


Help Them Out

Think about all the things you did and didn’t do in your relationship, as these will all accumulate into your spouse’s mental image of you. Small acts of service matter in long-term relationships and they will make or break how much effort your spouse will feel you put into the relationship. Relationships are given and take, so there needs to be some give, but also a little bit of taking. Make sure that you are giving them the love and support that they deserve because they will feel it.


Invest Some Quality Time

Giving your spouse your undivided attention is important in relationships. Spending quality time with them will keep the relationship alive and will help you both remember how much you love spending time with each other. Spending that time together can also contribute to the rebuilding of the relationship as well. Putting in the effort to give them some of your time and attention will be worth it in the end, especially if it is a little harder to get your undivided attention.


Give Them Something They Love

Giving and receiving is another important part of relationships. Tangible symbols of love can go a long way, especially if you put thought into it. Get your spouse something they can keep for good and that they will love. This may help you and your spouse in your recovery process, as it will show that you listen when they say they liked something or that you notice them and think about them.


Give Them Physical Attention

This doesn’t need to be sexual in any way. Sometimes just a hug or holding their hand can mean a lot to a person. Humans crave physical contact and getting it will relieve stress while also induce happy hormones in your spouse, which can contribute to the relationship.

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