Sometimes clients want to know how they can receive assistance from the court. This would happen by creating a motion, which is a document created together by the client and the attorney asking the court for monetary or custody relief. The reason a person would have to file a motion is because they cannot get what they want from the person their lawsuit is against voluntarily so they have to get the court involved. In addition to monetary relief, a person can file a motion for anything such as temporary child custody, temporary maintenance or child support, exclusive occupancy of the marital residence as well as many other requests.

Once a motion is filed, it must be answered by the other party that the motion has been filed against. If you are filing a motion, you must give 8 days notice to the other party that you are pursuing such an option. If the person that the motion is filed against does not wish to comply with what was requested, the judge will make the final decision. In this situation, the judge has 60 days to make their final decision on what the result of the request will be. If a person still does not like what the judge decided upon, they have 30 days to appeal the judge’s decision.

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