15707574298_92823aed05_bYou will be called upon to make many challenging decisions in a divorce. If you have children, some challenging issues to address will be custody, parental issues and parental responsibility. How are you going to allocate responsibility and time with your children, keeping in focus that the main issue is to continue and maintain close relationship between the parent and the child? What you’re going to be doing is fashioning a new family plan for your family.

Financial issues are also attendant with respect to children. You will be looking and deciding upon child support, maintenance of health insurance, allocating and contributing to out-of-pocket medical insurance, life insurance and college expenses. Even if your child is under five you’ll still need to ask, how are we going to make those decisions?

The other issues besides children, which are many, are the financial issues. What assets are on the table and how are we dividing these assets? What type of assets are they? Can we swap one asset for another? Is there going to be a buyout or sale of your residence? There’s a myriad of issues and with each one of these, legal advice is very important. It’s crucial for you to know what you’re doing and what rights, entitlements and obligations you have.

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