Mediation is becoming one of the most popular ways in which a couple gets a divorce or legal separation. Through a settlement agreement, a couple can file it with the court to get a divorce or use it to establish legal separation. Mediation helps couples avoid the pitfalls of litigation. What are the pitfalls of litigation? Simply put, court battles negatively impact the whole family emotionally and financially. Furthermore, drawn-out court battles can take a very long time to resolve.

Mediation is the process of resolving unresolved issues outside of court. A mediator will facilitate a constructive and respectful negotiation process in which a couple will iron out any contested issues of the marriage. The goal is to come to a mutual understanding and move on towards a better life as soon as possible.

Mediation is quicker and more efficient than litigation. Mediation can help a couple resolve their issues and their marriage within a few months. Most people wait longer for the court to grant the divorce than it takes to conclude the mediation process. Mediation saves you money. Court cases cost the engaged parties and the government a lot of money. It is true that courts will push a couple towards other methods of alternative dispute resolution when possible.

Mediation is a private matter. In court, your divorce is on the public record. The case is usually conducted in an open court. Mediation keeps private matters where they belong. When you engage in mediation, you can be sure that the meetings are confidential.

Mediation helps families lessen the impact to children. Divorce impacts children. Through mediation, parents can demonstrate how to resolve major life issues with as little adversity as possible. With so many benefits to mediation, couples are choosing this route at an increasing rate.

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