Qualities to Seek

How To Choose An Attorney

There are many things that you should consider when you are deciding how to choose an attorney for your divorce. Of course, it is paramount that you are comfortable with the attorney that you choose, but there is more.

You need to make sure that their style matches your goals. For example – If you are aggressively trying to protect assets that you owned before your marriage, and your spouse is trying to take them in your divorce, you need an attorney that has an excellent strategy to protect them!

  • You need to feel comfortable working with and in whom you have confidence.
  • It is important that the attorney explains the process and applicable laws to you in terms you understand.
  • You need to make sure that you can afford the attorney with your financial means.
  • It is important that you hire an attorney who is responsive to your needs.
  • Of course, it is important to also hire an attorney who will communicate well with you (and promptly returns all phone calls).
  • An attorney who specializes in matrimonial, divorce or family law, and who has in-depth experience in these fields.

Questions to Ask

  • How long have you been practicing matrimonial/divorce/family law?
  • Do you have “in-court” experience? If so, please tell me more about that.
  • Can you give me some options on how to resolve my case?
  • What are your hourly rates?
  • Will you provide me with an itemized monthly bill?
  • If I have a question about my case, can I call you? How quickly can I expect to have my calls returned?
  • If we are unable to negotiate a settlement, and my divorce goes to trial, will you represent me in court?
  • What do you expect from me?
  • What documents do I need to produce?

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