The mediator will meet with both spouses together or separately?

Here, you will learn that the divorce mediator will meet with both spouses together, at the same time. If this is possible in your case, and both spouses agree, there are many benefits to engaging a divorce mediator to help you both equally in dissolving your marriage, and dividing the marital property in a fair & equitable way. The mediator will also help you agree on things like alimony, or spousal support,

If there are children involved, the divorce mediator will meet with both spouses to solve child support and/or child custody matters, as well.

A divorce mediator will meet with both spouses together. In most cases, if you and your spouse agree on many of the fundamental issues of your separation, then seeing a a divorce mediator could be the right approach to dissolve your marriage.

Most of the time, each spouse hires an attorney. Not only is this more costly, but the process is also more adversarial. There are disagreements about fundamental items that need to be settled in the marriage. And this is generally about about every issue. This process is very difficult on both spouses both financially, but also emotionally.

Both Spouses Must Agree To Engage A Divorce Mediator

When you both decide to hire a divorce mediator, you can expect the process to go much smoother. It is also much less stressful, with less fighting between the spouses. The end result is a fair & equitable dissolution of your marital assets. In most cases, you will also accomplish this end goal far less costly than if each spouse hired their own attorney.

  • A mediator can design a format that includes meeting with both spouses together or caucusing with each of the parties separately and then coming together again – whatever works in your situation. It is dependent upon the level of cooperation and communication between the parties
  • As a mediator, I will recommend what I think will best accomplish reaching an agreement. It is important to remain flexible so that I can design a format that is effective for you

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