Divorce Financial Analysis

When making the decision to get a divorce, there are some steps to consider in the beginning. One of those, is to have a complete divorce financial analysis completed. A divorce financial analysis  can help you to avoid common financial pitfalls in separating marital property. It creates an accurate, & full accounting of all of the assets of both parties. It also depicts what the true marital assets encompass, as well. A thorough divorce financial analysis will also evaluate the financial impact of your settlement options.

A complete divorce financial analysis helps ensure that an honest negotiation of all of the relevant assets takes place. This way, you can ensure that both parties are treated fairly in a divorce proceeding.

As a very detailed, & complete document, a divorce financial analysis paints a complete financial picture of all assets. So often you hear about spouses, who are typically wives, who feel that they were taken advantage of in a divorce settlement by a wealthy spouse, because they claim that the wealthy spouse was able to hide assets from the divorce proceeding. By having a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst go through and identifying all assets from the beginning, you significantly reduce, if not eliminate this opportunity for one spouse to be treated unfairly in an asset division.


Judith Goldberg Is A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Judith Goldberg has been thoroughly trained as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). This has further enriched her thirty years of experience as a Family Law Attorney and as a Divorce Mediator, in dealing with the financial aspects of divorce, from property division and support to tax issues.

It is very important that you retain a well trained, certified Divorce Financial Analyst when embarking on a divorce. Divorce impacts over 2 million people a year.  As a financial professional skilled in pre-divorce planning, Divorce Financial Analyst Judith Goldberg, helps clients avoid common financial mistakes of divorce by offering insight into the pros and cons of different settlements.

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