I cannot afford a divorce lawyer


I Can’t Afford A Divorce Lawyer. Can My Spouse Pay My Legal Fees?

I can’t afford a divorce lawyer. We hear this from many clients. However, there are some circumstances in which one spouse has a significantly greater income than the other spouse but they are going to get a divorce. This can result in an unfair advantage for the spouse that has more money in their name because they may have the ability to hire a more experienced and successful attorney than the other spouse. In these situations, the judge in your case may rule that the spouse with the higher income must pay the legal fees for both themselves and their spouse in order to make it a bit more of a level playing field for the divorce.

A Judge Can Order Your Spouse To Pay Your Legal Fees.

Legal fees can be expensive and therefore, there are situations in which a spouse who does not work outside of the home feels as though they are stuck in their marriage because they cannot afford to get a divorce. There are ways around this and although it is up to a judge to make the final decision, not being able to afford a good attorney should not stop a person from getting a divorce if the court feels as though they have an important reason for the cause of their divorce.

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