can i keep my house in a divorce

Can I Keep My House In A Divorce?

How can I keep my house in a divorce? This is a question that some people may have when they are looking into getting a divorce.

Connecticut is an equitable distribution state. This means that any marital assets have the ability to be divided between the two spouses. It is important to understand that the distribution of the assets is not equal, it is equitable. The marital assets are not split down the middle.

Each State Has Different Laws About The Division Of The Marital Home

In Connecticut, there is a law in place that states that any property that is owned by one of the spouses before the marriage took place is rightfully their property. However, in many cases, a house was acquired during the time that the two parties were married. If it was under the name of only one of the spouses, either spouse is allowed to acquire it during the equitable distribution process.

If the two parties cannot come to an agreement about who will get the house, the court will ultimately decide. Each party is allowed to make their case as to why they want to have ownership of the house and the judge will consider a number of factors to make this determination. The house does not automatically go to the person whose name it is in. Each case is different so it depends on your particular situation.

In order to answer this for certain, it is best to contact a divorce attorney, or a certified divorce mediator. hey will be able to best answer this for your particular situation.

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