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When you marry someone, you expect that marriage to last for a lifetime. However, that’s not always possible. Life happens, and sometimes, divorce is the only option you have. A divorce is not fun for any of the parties involved; it’s stressful, expensive, and tedious, not to mention that it can be quite emotional at times. But that’s just the reality we live in. Sometimes, in order to move on with our lives, we have to make tough choices. And sometimes during a marriage, divorce is a choice that we have to make.

If you’re someone who’s going through a divorce, you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t always have to end in a drawn-out court battle. Divorce mediation is a way of settling a divorce without having to involve the court. The practice has many benefits, and here are six of them:

It’s much cheaper

A divorce case can be extremely expensive, as you have to pay for any administrative fees, lawyer costs, court fees, and more. Mediation, on the other hand, requires a minimal amount of paperwork, and it’s estimated to be up to 40 percent cheaper than if the divorce was to end in court.

Both parties have a say in the process

Since mediation is a process that arises from the agreement between you and your ex-spouse, the solution can be customized to benefit both parties. If it’s left for the judge and the jury to decide, one party may be at a severe disadvantage. For example, the man is expected to pay alimony in most cases, and this can be a huge sum of money. The mediation process allows both parties to state their demands, and this will allow the outcome to be more acceptable to both parties as well.

The process is fast and convenient

In a divorce case, it can take the court several months to finalize the process, and this may slow down other things in your life. The mediation process can be as fast as both parties make it, as you can appoint the mediator to come in one day and finalize the agreement on the very same day if everything checks out. Once the agreement is signed, it will be sent to the court, and when they respond to the request, the divorce is official.

Mediation is a private process

When you opt to settle a divorce through mediation, you don’t have to put your name on display in court and taint it with a public record. The mediation process is quiet and discreet, and everything can be handled by a mere handful of individuals.

It doesn’t put one party at a disadvantage

The outcome of mediation is to come up with a solution that works for both parties, which means that there will be nobody who comes out as a loser in this situation. This helps to maintain a good relationship between both parties, unlike a divorce which can leave one party in a financial slump for years to come.

The divorce agreement is as legally binding

The final agreement of the mediation process is a binding document, and both parties are expected to uphold their ends of the deal. There are legal consequences to the violation of the agreement, much like in other court cases.

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